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Illustration for article titled Help Name the Polar Bear Cub at the Toronto Zoo!

The only surviving polar bear cub can now be seen by the public (BRB, planning a trip to the zoo) and needs a name!


The Shortlisted names are:

Humphrey: It means Peaceful Warrior. The name was derived from the Germanic elements hun, which means bear cub, and frid, which means peace.


Orson: Latin for bear.

James: Derived from James Bay. A previous cub was name Hudson after Hudson's Bay and is this cub's brother.


Lorek: Comes from the movie Golden Compass. Lorek is derived from the word laurel, which is a symbol of victory.

Searik: Inuit for beautiful.

Stirling: Means genuine, high quality, and pure.

Go here to vote for your favourite.

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