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Help- need new career

So GT, I need a new career. I’m still shooting boudoir, but with the new baby I can’t call an uber and take off for a shoot during the week (we rent multiple studios across Southern California), so I can only shoot saturdays. It’s not cutting the bills. I’m still taking in freelance marketing for small businesses- mostly email marketing, but a bit of social media and promotional material design- it’s been real slow. My non profit freelance contract ran out just as I found out we had conceived, which was a blessing at the time, but would be very welcome about now...

Anyway, I was considering building (well converting my office anyway) into a photography studio space. I want to take in maternity clients only- I like having a speciality and I know I’m damn good at it. I have a pet peeve about the maxi skirt tube top on the beach/ corn field whatever pictures- I hate them (apologies if they are your thing- you do you). I’m not cheap, I’ve won a few awards, I have repeat clients. But I have concerns about having a not so awesome house (from the outside, my house is adorable on the inside), and whether I could maintain a clientele (since repeat clients are not an infinite resource since they need to be pregnant- and you know, most people don’t stay pregnant forever). I have great marketing skills, and I’ll rely heavily on word of mouth, but new is scary. I’m just so limited in that I don’t want to do full time work and pour all of $ into infant daycare (but I will get a sitter for home while I’m shooting), and derail my career in photography when that’s what I’m good at and enjoy, and it works so well with my disability- make my own schedule, all that. I’m also super tired of the corporate world.


I can’t supplement with different types of photography from home bc the set would be small and only lend itself to maternity or boudoir, and I still shoot boudoir with the lady who graciously pays my health insurance. Don’t want even a semblance of conflict of interest. She totally supports me shooting maternity though.

Anyone run a similar type of home business, with clients coming in? Or just see any holes in my plan I need to look out for? I’m researching insurance and looking to see if I need a difference type of business lisc than the one I already have.


Thanks for being a sounding board!

(I have pictures I could provide as samples, but they are nsfw, so I didn’t know if I should include or not)

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