I have what could be the most bomb date so far. And I need some pointers.

No joke, this dude is a rocket scientist. I'm so interested in his work, but I don't know if talking shop is appropriate.

He likes The Venture Bros. (and to all my Venturoo Jezzies-I want to be friends with all of you). He wants superpowers (and is actively working on getting them). He got my Halloween costume off the bat. He built a freaking arc reactor for his last Halloween costume. All around, he's giving Mr. Perfect a run for his money.

So, what do I do? I know I should be myself. Thing is, when I'm around people who I'm slightly intimidated by-be it intellectually, geeky, anything else that mirrors my personality-I get tripped up. I really want to make an excellent impression!

He's my type: works in the sciences, cute, likes VBs, geeky, intelligent, and witty.


How would you deal with this situation? And will update tomorrow!

Edit: Thank you for all the advice! I'm going to go over everything, and I really appreciate it!