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My and Guy Bandit's rent was increased by about 25%. We were warned that a rent increase was coming and, of course, it was the maximum that we were willing to pay and stay at our once "charming and cheap" but now "expensive and annoying" apartment. This was six months ago. We are starting to feel that 25% now as neither of us realistically budgeted for it (Guy Bandit is only recently employed, which was part of the reason for that).

We kind of fail at budgeting as a couple: I'm generally the more frugal and practical economist in the relationship (savings account, 401K, etc.) while Guy Bandit is rather more relaxed (which has included going in and out, and in and out of some respectable debt). Guy Bandit has been very resistant to sitting down and actually making a budget together, and though sometimes it seems that we're paying for things equally sometimes I feel that I am often spending more, if only because I'm more apt to swing by the grocery, drug store, or pet supply store.

Any suggestions on how to better budget as a couple that don't have connected bank accounts, etc.?

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