Or, how I just spent half an hour taking pictures of myself and formatting a GT post.

Eta: thanks for all the feedback!! Going with option 1. Now I'm off to get my hairs styled!

I have a company holiday party to attend with my husband at a fancy hotel. Can I get some help choosing a dress pretty please?

Option 1: My preferred option, but not sure if it is "winter appropriate." It has magenta and purple color splashes and reads very "summer or spring" to me. Will I look silly?


Option 2: The old stand by. I've worn this a few times and it's pretty standard for classier occasions and fits well. Although, I feel like it shows off my tummy pooch more than I'd like (but also does nice things for my butt.)


Option 3: Another more summery dress. Don't love it, but figured I'd include it. I think it would look better with sheer nylons. (Some sore of tights are a must because I am in Chicago.) It's not sparkly, it's dark blue with tiny polka dots.


What do you guys think?