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Help, Please. (And hello, friends!)

I need your help, Groupthinkers.

Here's my dilemma:

A couple of weeks ago, I took young Sparkle_Motion Junior (if there is one!) to the American Museum of Natural History. Love that place. Love it.

But as tends to happen, SMJr. needed to use the restroom before we jumped on the train back home.

So what?, you say? Bathrooms are good, you note?


But let's just say SMJr. and I are not exactly the same gender. And let's say too that SMJr. (if s/he exists!) is too young to venture into a big public restroom alone BUT too old to be totally oblivious to the, um, surroundings. So what, pray tell, should I do? Go? Don't go? Split? Don't split?

I need your help, please.

By the way, what did I actually do? I pulled the fire alarm while SMJr. just peed his / her bladder out in the basement lobby, right near the foodcourt. Then we ran, jumped the turnstiles, and rode like scoundrels back to our neighborhood. I'm now on two years of probation with limited access to SMJr., but I figure we'll get back to the museum eventually.

Some day, maybe.

(Also: First GT post ever. Did I fail?)


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