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My 2015 MacBook Air took a giant shit last week. Merry Shitmas to me! I brought it to the Repair People. The repair invoice was over $500. I declined, after paying a $100 fee just to look at the problem. That is half the price of a new one. I didn’t have an “insurance policy” because it doesn’t ever cover any of the normal reasons why a MacBook would take a giant shit.

I’ve been wonky ever since on an old Dell laptop. No iCloud & no comfort. So I ordered a refurbished Mac that came today, 2011 version.

It took me hours to sync it to my iCloud. Many hours, because I’m a novice. So, thankfully, i’m reacquainted with my pictures & important documents. Also, syncing finally allowed me to recover my Krabby password.



All of Kinja is fucked. None of the other sites I normally visit are fucked. I’ve tried everything I can think of to fix it. Please help me fix it.

My top bar has no avatar or search function. Comments are literally a one letter vertical column. Reading posts is Ok, but reading comments & replying is impossible.

I know it may be hard to see, but the second picture is about the absence of avatar and search bar.


Screen shots below. HELP!

ETA: I posted this from my Trusty Phone, which I can barely see :)


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