Yesterday I was really happy because some spot scars I've had for over a week now are finally beginning to fade away sufficiently that they are easily hide-able with concealer. Then, at one point during the day I was like "oh I have a small clogged pore there, no big deal". Then just before I went to bed I looked in the mirror and WOAH. It had somehow magically turned into a medium sized, VERY OBVIOUS VERY RED angry spot.

I even had a nightmare about it last night! (I had long term acne when I was younger, and took THREE courses of roaccutane, so skin is an extremely sensitive issue for me).

I'm not sure if it's one of those spots that is going to come to a head, or if it's just going to stay an angry red lump. I've made a decision NOT to pick or squeeze or prod at it (like I would normally do), as I can't bear to have another big scar for two weeks.

So what should I do? I would obviously like Susan (what I have named the spot) to fuck off and die as quickly as possible. Normally I whack on benzoyl peroxide at regular intervals during the day, and that makes them go down, but I think on this occasion it would dry up the top layer, whilst doing nothing for "what lurks below". I have pinned all my hair out of my face, and put a hot washcloth on it, but it doesn't seem to have done much. Even sitting here I can feel it on my face (it feels kind of sore even though I haven't been prodding it).


I am meant to be going out tonight, but won't go if I can't do something about it (as I mentioned: I am very very sensitive about my skin).

PLEASE HELP HIVEMIND!! What can I do?!?! Should I take a bath to see if the steam helps?