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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Help! Surprise kittens.

Help me team cat! There’s a mom with a litter of five kittens in my backyard. They look healthy, 4 or 5 weeks old? She’s spent a lot of time in my backyard in the last few months but this morning is the first I’ve seen kittens. I assumed she lived with someone near by but I asked around after work and it looks like she’s on her own. Pretty sure she’s living and raising them under my garage. She’s super shy and backs away from me but I can’t tell if she’s feral.

She left them for about 2 hours this afternoon and four of them were very interested in crawling on me when I ventured out. One is super shy. I handled them lightly then fed them and they wolfed it down. Then mom came out when I backed away to get more water. She had some food too and they latched on, so she’s still nursing them.


Anyway, now what? Do I trap the whole family and take them to the humane society? Try to keep them healthy until they’re old enough to give away and then spay mom then release her? Do I need to bring them indoors? Seems it could be dangerous out rhere but she’s clearly done a bang-up job so far. I’m allergic but I could keep them in the basement for a month of fostering, I suppose. One of my neighbors wants one already.

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