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Help, the menz are giving me trouble

and Saturday night (maybe drunk?) GTers are probably the best people for advice.

I've recently (like a week ago) gotten involved rather quickly and confusingly with a man. I was all a titter at first, but it's new and I'm feeling all boxed in. The situation is sort of weird because he and I are going on a month long trip together within a larger group. So in the past week he kind of sprung it on me that he was interested and we've gone out a couple of times since then, and he's perfectly nice and funny.

But now I'm going a bit loopy because I have to spend all day everyday with him for another month, and a month is A LONG FUCKING TIME (for introverted-me at least). He convinced me to make couple-type plans a month in advance in a foreign country which I'm slowly regretting.


All my irl friends' advice for the situation has been to just not sleep with him, but that's not really a problem. I'm more nervous about the whole committing to something/someone for an entire month with absolutely no escape. What happens if I decide I can't stand him?! I don't want to end up being that couple (you know the ones who radiate drama and make everyone else uncomfortable) or maybe even a couple at all.

My general tactic for dealing with such problems is strategic avoidance, but that apparently isn't going to work in this situation. Any suggestions?

Update: It's official: GT gives better advice than real people. Thank you! I'll buck up and talk to him before we go.

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