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HELP! (Update and Followup)

(Cute Buffer!) Thank you so much for ALL of the awesome responses yesterday. GroupThink/The Salad Bowl, you freaking rock! Now I have an update, and I’m making a whole new thread because I kinda have to reorganize my question. I’m sorry if I seemed standoffish to your suggestions. I totally wasn’t trying to be. :(

My overall goal is to ditch the wigs and start wearing my “natural” hair (as in the not a wig). Most wigs give me way too much dysphoria, so I need a style that’s passable (if you don’t already follow me, I’m a trans woman) and won’t leave me depressed. The problem with wigs being having to take them off at the end of the day. I know lots of women wear wigs, but it hurts my self perception. :( My 2 main concerns were:

A) Do I have enough hair for a passing style that won’t give me debilitating dysphoria?


B) I want to straighten my hair to attempt to get a style I want, should I go professional or DIY?

Thank you so much for answering these questions! To address why I wasn’t really hot about some of the suggestions

1) Afros - I can’t do an afro because this is a variation of the hairstyle I had for the final 8 years I lived as a guy. So when I look in the mirror, it’s not easy for me to see the real me. I probably look good with an afro...

I thought “well everyone thinks I look nice” so I did some shopping with the afro. I came home and cried. That’s just not going to work. :(

2) Braids/Twists - Braids are awesome and will protect my hair. Unfortunately this also falls into trouble because it’s a hairstyle that highlights the masculine features of my face. So it will not be good for dysphoria. To be honest, it would probably be worse than a wig for my emotional state..


My head is also really tender. It will stand to chemicals (I used to get perms as a kid), but not to braiding...or even combing! I cried through the entirety of getting braids. And since my hair grows so fast, braids only last me about 3 weeks.

Instead, I want a style similar to a wig I used to have before I officially came out:

I know I probably won’t have enough for this exact style, but I’m hoping for something similar?


And this is what I’m currently working with. This is my hair, combed out and sans wig. The afro is just what happens when you set my hair free lol.


My current plans are as follows:

— Visit a salon (preferred one that works with POC hair).
— Get a blowout.
— Determine if I have enough hair for a decent style.
— If so, chemically straighten then style.
— Maintain as hair continues to grow.


Is this a realistic plan?

Furthermore, I live in an area that isn’t very diverse, so the only local salon that would realistically be able to do this is the one I went to a year ago...in boy mode. However, I don’t care if I’m noticed or not...The only other salons are in an area that’s really not that safe...or far away.


Anything else I should be looking for? Thanks again everyone! <3 I can has share to the Salad Bowl? <3

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