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Help w/ Microsoft Word & Font Sizes

Is anyone here a super expert at manipulating Microsoft Word? I have just wasted the last 2 hours of my life fighting with Microsoft Word (Mac, 2011) and begging the internet to help me. I have lost both battles.

I just bought a fancy new typeface, but it runs small. So instead of the normal 12 point size that I usually write in, I have to increase it to 13.5. However, this not only increases the size of the characters but also the size of line breaks between paragraphs. I am trying to find a way to create a rule that says that the font size is 13.5 but carriage returns are 12.


I can reduce line spacing to 0.9 to keep the overall length of my document down, but then it also reduces the space above and below my characters in a paragraph. I want to only decrease the size when it's a blank line.

Is this possible? Is this easy? Is this a battle worth fighting?

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