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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Help! Winter boot suggestions?

I need some warm, snow-capable shoes for my trip to Europe next week. I spent the most I have ever spent on any item of clothing or footwear (plus 2-day shipping to get it here fast!) on the Uggs Simmens because I used to have a pair of the classic Uggs (secondhand, seriously I have never spent this much on shoes before) that I loved and these were incredibly well- reviewed. I even ordered up half a size because I’ve got wide-ish feet. They just arrived and...I couldn’t even get my foot halfway in. So disappointing! I’m debating whether I should try going up a size or two but I don’t want them to be so long I can’t walk in them either. So I’m begging the hive mind for help - do you know of any good winter boots for people with wide feet?

Side note: My brother-in-law[in-spirit] also sent me a BEAUTIFUL Hamilton t-shirt for Christmas in what is supposed to be my size that looks like it would fit about half of me. Did I not notice that I’d become a giant overnight? I have never gone from so excited to get packages in the mail to disappointed so fast :(


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