Hey there all. I know that some of you peeps hold PhD's and the like & I was hoping that some of you might be able to point me in the right direction for a research project. I'm writing a dissertation in law on Prisoner Voting Rights, arguing that limited voting rights should be extended to prisoners in compliance with recent judgements from the European Court of Human Rights.

I've got several arguments going about the nature of the Representation of the People Act, stuff about the rule of law and the arbitrariness of civil death. However what would really help round off a section would be some data comparing recidivism rates among prisoners and voting rights. It would help with the public policy argument that I'm trying to get going.

I've had a look in the library and online, but can't seem to find any hard data. If anyone from the criminology/sociology world has some recommendations or can point to where to look, I would be massively grateful.

To make this more interesting for everyone, what are people's opinions about prisoner voting rights? Shall we get a debate going?