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I bought a while ago on my Nintendo 3ds a game called Word Puzzles by Powgi. Seriously Powgi games are great. I ak still working on and off in their Epic Wordsearch, Epic Word Search 2 is coming soon. Its five word search puzzles with 1500 words and phrases each.

Anyways Word Puzzles. It contains 6 word puzzle games. None too hard and all short. I am done all but one Crossover puzzle.

Oddly it seems Powgi has a website. I found an image of the puzzle. The difference is the 3ds shows one crossover at a time then a screen of the seven letters.


The letters are AAIRGNA. I have no clue what its suppose to be. It may not be literally about romamce as in falling in love. For example the hint “a section of soap” answer was “episode”. Soap in this case meant soap opera.

Anyone think they know?

I did all the other 59 crossover puzzles. Each crossover puzzle is like the one above and once you arrange the letters to fit the hint you solve tbe puzzle.


My favorite collection are the Flower puzzles.


Flowers have 120 puzzles. There are 480 total. No I do not have the solution for above puzzle.

For $7.99 its well worth it. If you have a 3ds. Its available via downloadable via eshop only.

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