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I decided not to drop the course yet, and I was actually wondering if anyone on GT would be able or willing to help me with the article I have to do?

I spoke to the professor again (he responded to my email!) and he was substantially nicer this time.

So basically the article should be 500-600 words. It is on Long Island College Hospital and its potential closing (it's actually staying open, was decided yesterday). Just a short news story on what happened and the recent decision. He said just one interview is fine, and his exact words on who I should try to interview were:

Try to get someone authoritative, maybe a spokesperson for the hospital or (if we can get it) someone from the mayor's office (de Blasio has been close to this issue trying to keep the hospital open) - or someone from the hospital workers union.


Is anyone on here one of those people? The hospital's union is 1199. Or does anyone know any of those people? Just a short email interview would be perfect. The professor also said it would be cool if I could get a couple of comments from hospital workers and/or community members (the hospital is in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn). Does anyone live there and would be willing to give me a comment or two?

Once I get an interview, I can pull off the piece. I want to try. If I fail, then I fail and I'll drop the course but I want to try. I've done more work in less time.

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