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Cut for TW: Suicide.

A friend of mine killed themselves on Sunday. It’s hit me extremely hard, and I decided to take some days to grieve and process. I have not been to classes yet this week. The funeral is on Saturday.

I am planning on going to school tomorrow. I was hoping someone here could provide some assistance as far as how to approach my professors about my time gone, or if I need to at all. I did send out emails to all of my teachers earlier in the week, and they were all understanding. “Do whatever you need to do to take care of yourself.” was generally what they all said. I have not missed turning in any assignments this week, but I do have some work due in the next few weeks.


I’ve tried to work and study just a little since being at home, but overall I am very drained and still numb/in shock. I saw my therapist on Monday for an emergency session, and I am scheduled to meet with an advisor in the disability accommodations office on Friday.

Thank you in advance for any advice or feedback you may have.

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