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I recently jumped on the KonMari bandwagon and decided to start with my clothing (which you can imagine, I have a LOT, the 50 black dresses type of a lot). It’s also my dream to be a plus size fashion blogger, so I feel like clothing is part of my future career (if I ever get the guts to jump out tech!).

I started going through my clothes today to determine what “sparks joy” and I ran into two main problems:

  1. I love clothing so much that almost everything sparks some bit of joy (except I am beginning to understand that with my color season, I cannot do baby pinks, muted teals, or most browns, so those items are easier to part with).

  2. I’m the type of person who will have clothes in my closet that go unworn for years and then one day, I’ll pull it out, match it with a new piece I got, and from there on it’s my new favorite fab outfit. So how do I know if I get rid of something, it’s not just waiting for it’s perfect match or accessory?

TL;DR: How do you solve a problem like Falling with the KonMari method :)

ETA: I’m like Ariel! I love having my collection, and wouldn’t you say it’s complete. Dresses? I have plenty. Skirts and blouses galore. Rompers, I have 20!

Thanks in advance GT!

Here’s a photo of a beautiful dream closet:

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