I’m putting the story under a page break, just because I want to try to be a little sensitive to the situation.

So tonight I went to one of my activism group’s monthly dinners, it’s held solely for women of color to get out our feels and build a strong network of support. One of the women also attending was an organizer who was dealing with an issue so monumental that you could see it on her face. She shared her story, and frankly, I’d feel like an asshole if I didn’t pass it along.

Turns out she’s been working with this kid that she knows, and the kid’s mother is facing deportation tomorrow if they don’t raise at least $5,000 by 12:00pm Central time for a legitimate lawyer. The family was swindled before, so they’re at a deficit, which is even more messed up.

The whole story is at the link. I almost never ask for stuff like this and I hope not to again, but give if you can.


Quick afternoon update: it looks like she has been spared deportation for now, but this is when the hard legal battle begins while she is still detained.