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I'm sure there are people on here with academic survey experience, and even if you don't have the official experience, please, see if you have an opinion to help!

So, I'm trying my hand at making an academic survey (In my spare time. For fun. I'm not in college anymore!). I'm doing some research, but I would like a survey to update a lot of the information.

A few questions for those that might be able to help:

When asking for gender (and it is relevant) how do you list to be inclusive?

Since this is about gender and harassment, I'm using male and female (for example 'female gamer'). Is this okay or should I use man/woman?


I guess those two are my biggest questions. I want to be able to eventually post it to here, people I know personally, and then to places online where it might get seen.

Thanks in advance! And again, even if you don't have the formal experience and have advice, please post!

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