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Help! Work Drama and Confusion!

Here's some background on my work situation. I work for a small business, and my department has three individuals. I've been with the company the shortest period of time (about a year and a quarter), coworker #1 and I share an office and she's been there about six months longer than I have, and coworker #2 has been there about 3 years longer. #2 was our supervisor up until last December when our department's boss moved away and they did some restructuring (he thought she pooped gold, thought she was amazing). #2 was not my favorite person. She would typically read books, do homework, and play around on the internet (but we all play around on the internet when we're not working, she just seemed to do it a lot). #1 and I would try to bring it up with our higher ups, but it always seemed to fall on deaf ears. Our relationship with #2 was very poor. After #2 was removed from her supervisory position, our relationship with her improved greatly.

A week ago I posted about how sad I was that #1 put in her notice. She is pregnant with her second child, has another under a year old baby. Her last day is in a week. We're coming up on a pretty busy time and I've been worried about how we will spread the work of the three of us between the two of us. This evening I got a text from #2 that she'd been fired.

It seems a bit out of the blue considering there haven't been major problems lately. There have been some minor issues, but not anything that I would have thought would be fire-able offenses, but perhaps I'm not seeing the whole situation. Out of the three of us, I've been the one they've put the least amount of money into. #1 and #2 have both been sent to a major training out of state. #2 had tuition assistance for her entire masters program (which she just finished last weekend).


I'm just a little floored and worried. I think maybe it's possible that they're using #1's leaving as a way to clean house and I'm next, or if I'm not next then I'll be having to do the work of three people all on my own. I just don't know what to think.

I assume tomorrow morning we'll get the official word. Any suggestions on what questions I should be asking when we do? Should I be looking for something else? Help!

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