At heart I'm still a tomboy, meaning that if I could spent all my days in boots and jeans and t-shirts I basically would (honestly, I kind of do). Over the years I've noticed that the "lady" versions of certain styles are kind of bullshit — either paper-thin, or with weirdly open necklines, or with functional details turned into fashionable accents (e.g. buttons that become decorative). Sometimes I remedy this by just buying the men's version of stuff, but since my waist, uh, exists, this is not always a desirable/flattering choice. So I thought I'd throw it to the crowd: any ideas where you can find versions of unisex/"men's" styles that are actually cut for women?

Think in terms of henleys — this:

And not this:


(what is going on with that tiny pocket?!)

Also, where the hell do I find a durable lady version of this sweater?! I've been trying for years!