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Her husband, the "woman"

Do I think it's difficult for someone whose spouse comes out as transgender? Sure. Do I hope there are articles supporting them? Absolutely.

Should this be that article?


1. She refers to her spouse as he/him the whole time.

2. She describes discovering evidence of trials with makeup as if she's discovered proof of an affair. "Vestiges of eyeliner on his face during dinner proved me right."

3. Apparently her biggest issue is that if her husband's a woman, she can't be. Like because they started shaving she has to stop. Her husband DARED buy the same color luggage as she did, therefore she is fading away into nothingness.

4. "Thankfully, he doesn't dress in front of me or the one child we still have at home."


5. "I also don't claim to represent every significant other in a similar situation to mine. I am just one of many, hiding in my closet, aching for my voice to be heard, too."

Am I reading too much into this? Am I being unfair to this woman? I have little experience with anyone transgender or transitioning, so feel free to set me right.

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