Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Here and gone, but HI!

Hi. Lots of you don't know me, I'm betting. A few months is a long time on GT. Hi there!

For those of you that do: I'm okay. The book is in final rewrites, and between that and processing everything I just needed a break. Still not ready to come back, but trust me, I will. And I've got a few ideas left yet, no worries. At the very least, you bunny bombers should be pleased at the plan.


I'm posting because it occurs to me that maybe we've switched to the night shift, in which case you guys won't have seen the message the freesamplethief posted for me. It's there, should you want to see a virality joke or some good music.

I need a hivemind. I'm working on some things, and they're going to be good, but I'm not stupid enough to go wading through the comments even if I had the time to read that much, and it needs done. So if you can help, please email bootstrapindustries @ gmail. Please tell me your screen names or I won't know who I'm talking to.


Miss you guys! If you emailed me and I didn't see it I am sorry. Swear to God I wasn't trying to be an ass. I had to avoid my inbox like the plague for a fair bit there. I'm around a bit on the new email if you guys want to drop a line.

Dear trolls: If you are reading this please consider that I have refound my intestinal fortitude and finally started to sleep a bit, which makes me a bit more playful. Should you be inclined to email me a picture of your penis, you have fair warning that I a) will attempt to locate your real identity, and b) will post that picture, Photoshopped into the grotesque, on every site you use your email name on. Should I be able to find your real name, you bet your sweet ass I'll be emailing you every time my butt itches, just to let you know about it. In fact, I will email you every time I do anything inane until you are ready to apologize. Most of my life is pretty mundane. It's gonna suck. And I will hone my writing skills, so it's a win/win for me. (Luftwaffle has the best ideas. )

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