Oh frabjous day! I can post once more on Groupthink! I missed this so much! With this newfound power, I can finally post about Bioshock: Infinite! Ladies, would you kindly discuss how AWESOME Elizabeth was?


So I finished Bioshock: Infinite a few weeks ago and I've been obsessing about it ever since. The ending was mindblowing and mindbending in the best of ways. The characters were outstanding, the graphics were top notch and the weapons system was... well... let's just say having only two guns was a special kind of bullshit and I just kept a carbine and a sniper rifle no matter what the level called for. Screwed me over real good on the last boss fight against the Vox Populi...

Anyway, I'm here to discuss the greatness that is Elizabeth. I can't really go and have a feminist gaming discussion on Kotaku, so I was hoping some of the Jeze group had played the game as well and had been impressed with her like I was. For a NPC she was just an absolute joy. Besides the fact she could find money, ammo and salt like a champion, her whole demeanor was incredible. Her personality was fully realized and complicated and wonderful. She was strong, smart, and fully dressed! I couldn't even blame here when she beat Booker over the head with a wrench. He deserved that. And the ending! My GOD.

I just loved that she wasn't a prop. She wasn't eye candy. She wasn't useless. She was integral to the plot. She wasn't whiny or simpering or coy. Absolute revelation. After years of playing female characters who were either naked (*strong side eye to Ivy from Soul Calibur*) or useless or annoying. She was strong. She was amazing. Irrational Games can have ALL MY MONEY now and forever.

Also of note, Rosalind Lutece! Yes, she was a woman, but first and foremost she was a completely brilliant (and slightly mad) scientist! Columbia basically existed all because of her (for good or for bad). A gifted physicist with a biting sense of humor. Good GOD, I loved that game.


So, now that I'm done rambling... thoughts?