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Here is an interesting article I found titled Speaking While Female. It actually goes into studies that have been done about what happens when women speak up, and points out things like

He randomly informed one member that the bookstore's inventory system was flawed and gave that person data about a better approach. In subsequent analyses, he found that when women challenged the old system and suggested a new one, team leaders viewed them as less loyal and were less likely to act on their suggestions. Even when all team members were informed that one member possessed unique information that would benefit the group, suggestions from women with inside knowledge were discounted.



When male employees contributed ideas that brought in new revenue, they got significantly higher performance evaluations. But female employees who spoke up with equally valuable ideas did not improve their managers' perception of their performance. Also, the more the men spoke up, the more helpful their managers believed them to be. But when women spoke up more, there was no increase in their perceived helpfulness.

Most of the comments aren't too bad. Or, the bad ones are almost too amusing to be bad, like the one that includes the line "God made women special while the lesbian undertow seeks to make them equal."

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