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Here, Morons of OK Stupid, Let Me Write You A Decent Fucking Introduction Message To Someone


I cannot believe the utter unending parade of stupidity from people sending messages of bullshit to people. What the hell is wrong with these people? Is it that hard to write a simple message to someone on an online dating website?


The short answer is no, it is fucking not. And to prove so, I've come up with this sample message:

'Hey! I checked out your profile and you seem great. I'm a [OCCUPATION] who loves to [HOBBY]. I really enjoyed what you had to say about your [life/school/family/hobby/job/something that indicates you actually read the profile] and would like to get to know some more about you. Here's my profile; please check it out and I hope to hear back from you. Either way,—you're a beautiful person and I'd be lucky to get to know you.'


THERE YOU GO. No 'I only like black chix because they're used to big dix like mine', no 'women r crazy cuz they all jus want monee', no 'I just got divorced and have four kids I'm still living with my ex-wife because the divorce isn't finalized yet' , NONE OF THE CRAZY.

Is it a sonnet from Robert Lowell? No. Is it a crazy, semi-racist, offensive pile of garbage? Nope.


It's just a normal fucking message that a normal person who is looking to date another normal person sends.

There you go! Please feel free to copy and paste that and email it to the next moronic halfwit who sends you some hopeless stupid bullshit.

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