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Here We Go Again (Whitewashed Casting)

Hollywood never stops producing fodder for this discussion, do they? As low as my expectations for big studio films when it comes to representation of race, I actually watched this trailer in open mouthed shock. Not only did they hire all white actors to portray these Egyptian characters, they have also spray tanned and painted Joel Edgerton within an inch of his life. One of the common excuses given for whitewashed casting is that these actors are big names and the studio needs them to make money. Now, I don't think most of the movie going public really knows who Joel Edgerton is, but even if they did, he is basically unrecognizable here. Which leads me to wonder why the everloving fuck you would need to hire a white actor, especially one where you can't even make the claim that his fame is a big draw for your movie, in order to dress him up in brown face. HOW IS THIS SHIT STILL HAPPENING?


(BTW, just to be clear, I don't think this would be any more acceptable if they had hired someone more famous to play Ramses. It just extra blows my mind that they felt they needed a white actor SO MUCH that they hired someone not particularly well known and painted him brown, rather than just giving the role to someone whose ethnicity was the right fit.)

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