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Here's a response to Sarkeesian’s video that I think you all might find interesting. It's not a response to the video itself, entirely, but a response to the response of the internet.

Here's a snippet:

"...but the three counterarguments presented by its hosts are representative of the collective consensus among gamers, who, for all their bluster about the need for the mainstream to finally recognize video games as art, are as quick as anybody to shield their chosen hobby as “just a game.” Without speaking to Sarkeesian, whose author photo shows her standing before a number of classic arcade cabinets and whose first video in the Tropes vs. Women In Video Games series states that she has long been a fan of the Mario and Zelda franchises, it’s patently unfair to say that she doesn’t “get” video gaming culture, not to mention indicative of the broader sexist attitude many within the community display when asking a woman to “prove” how big of a geek she is. To look at the massive list of games Sarkeesian presents as evidence in favor of her argument and ask “Well, what about Bioshock: Infinite” is to engage in exactly the sort of rhetorical device Nanjiani accuses Sarkeesian of: choosing one thing as representative of the whole. And, for a comedian to tell an academic that their academic presentation was boring has about the same impact as an academic telling a comedian that their rape joke was offensive: Yes, but what, exactly, is that adding to the conversation?


Exactly. Good stuff. Check it out.

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