Here's the conversation that happened a little while ago:

Me: You know it's not that hard to stop being an asshole. It's not hard to respect people's preferred pronouns. It's not hard to stop be a sexist/racist asshole. It's not that hard to stop being so microaggressive and spit out microassaults.

Co-worker: well I didn't understand what you just said. You were saying it way too fast.

Me: all I said was *repeat what I said earlier* you should probably just Google microaggression and learn something. Then expand your knowledge from there. After you can print a certificate or I can make one saying you're not as much as an asshole anymore. Like you graduated from college or something

Co-worker: You know what? I graduated from fuck you coll-

Me: I graduated from "no fucks to give university" but I threw my diploma in the trash cause I don't give a fuck.

Co-worker: *laughing* I try to come up with stuff but you always have something better...

Me: I haven't reached my level yet......

*all of this started because he tried to tell me women need to be fuck all the time with a big one or they become stuck up and it was proven fact. But not Asian women he said and I stopped him right there.

He really is an asshole. A little of what I said clicked cause I asked him how does it feel when someone brings up Little man syndrome(he's 5'6). Also told him to go look up privilege because he is more straight white maleplaining then anyone I know.

How's your Wednesday going?

Yes I used Spike!!!!!!