Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Here's the thing about the Apartment Cure

It kind of assumes that you have a home that is at least minimally picked up/clean. This weekend's task of cleaning of the floors means that you have to not have tons of shit on the floors. I am a total slob, but used to do a pretty thorough (scrubbing baseboards, etc.) cleaning 3x year. In the past four years with various physical ailments and lots of work I haven't done it. In a frenzy of "OMG, I'm a hoarder" fear this past summer, I started pulling out things to rearrange/throw away and then got halfway through before I started having pain. So there are a LOT of things on the floor. Also, I have no car, which makes it harder to donate when you have too many boxes for one person to handle.

So my alternative task is to finish the decluttering of the bedroom started from the summer.


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