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Here's Vanity Fair's Interview with Racist Orphan Black Makeup Artist

Vanity Fair has an interview up with Stephen Lynch, the makeup artist responsible for transforming Tatiana Maslany into the dozen + clones she has portrayed on Orphan Black. Maslany is a talented actress- her range alone would make each clone distinctive, but it doesn’t hurt that each clone also has a distinct “look”. Apparently, however, Stephen Lynch was pretty unsure about how he could make the clones in the show look different because Tatiana isn’t white enough.

But because he would have to cosmetically transform Maslany into a dozen different characters with distinct looks. And since the actress has dark hair, dark eyebrows, and an olive complexion, the makeup artist simply did not think that she would be that “changeable”—especially given that the show’s budget prohibits prosthetics.

“An albino would have been my dream face,” Lynch laughs on a recent phone call. “Because the fairer the person is, and the lighter their complexion and their brows and hair, it’s very easy to disguise them.”


Casual. Apparently, to Stephen Lynch, faces that have more melanin just can’t pull off a variety of types of makeup/hair colour? Only really white people can have distinct looks? All minorities look the same? Not only are his comments racist, they’re also just sad- if you as a makeup artist can’t imagine a non-white face carrying off a variety of colours and looks, you’re just a bad makeup artist.

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