A Funeral and a Douchecanoe.

Here's what I documented about today:

Today, September 1, 2014, was the funeral for my 23 year old cousin. Douchecanoe and I have been separated for 9 months and I told him I wanted a divorce almost a year and a half ago. My cousin died tragically under poorly understood circumstances. He was missing in the Black Hills for more than a week before his body was found. His sister Ballerina had to fly home from Zurich for the funeral.

No one(that I know of) invited Douchecanoe to the funeral. He showed up anyway and immediately took Eldest Bazkitten and Girl Bazkitten. He continued to follow me around the church. It seemed like whenever I went into another room, he followed. When we(my mom, The littles, my Uncle, and my cousin and her husband) sat down in a pew, Douchecanoe and Eldest Bazkitten immediately sat down in the pew directly behind the kids and I. We then decided that we were going to move to a closer pew where other Bazcat family members, my other aunt and uncle and their kids. He also got up to move. I think he would have sat directly behind me, except my Uncle was the last to sit and decided to sit on the aisle on the pew behind us, so Douchecanoe was 2 pews behind me. Partway into the service I got up and took the Littles into the church's crying room.

After the service, the littles and I went into the lobby. My mom took Baby Bazkitten and Girl Bazkitten was walking with me to give hugs and such. Every time I would turn around, Douchecanoe would be right by me, or over by my mom and Baby Bazkitten. I was actually afraid for my safety. It got even worse when I walked over by him. I got Baby Bazkitten from my mom and said that I was gonna step outside for some fresh air and to talk to relatives that were outside. Not even 30 seconds later he followed me outside.

I felt like I was being stalked. He is no longer a part of the Bazcat family. He had no right to come to my cousin's funeral. It's the only time, aside from the week I moved out, that I have felt afraid for my physical safety.