Hoagie? Nope. Groupthink thinks we can do better. Following all the outrage upon an obscure D.C. media outlet deciding they were the sandwich arbiters for all of us, I offer up this poll to determine the REAL champion of the Sandwichverse.

What will it be, GT?
The sublime cross-cultural complexity of a Banh mi?

The creamy comfort of a perfect Grilled Cheese?

The classic flavor blends of a Reuben?

The porky-pickley surprise factor of a Cuban?


Don't get me started on the wonders of a Po' Boy…

The Croque Monsieur has survived the test of time.


Or perhaps the BLT, or its haughtier cousin, the Club?

But the French Dip has that stuff, that dipping stuff OMG


Vote in the comments! And suggest any candidates I may have missed!