pardon my rant BUT G-DAMNITALLTOEFFINGHELL. (I'm working on my offensive swearing habit. Not bad, huh?)

I've got an all but ancient (2009) Dell Inspiron 1545 loaded with Vista that has admirably chugged along for all these years with very little problems. I like Vista, I like the laptop, it's been a good relationship, up until about 7 or 8 months ago when my audio would intermittently cut out, giving me the vista version of the above icon until righting itself mysteriously again.

Welp, I decided I was sick of not being able to consistently load youtube or news videos so I set out to fix it. As an utterly REASONABLE attempt at figuring out where my problem lay, I decided to try rolling back to an older driver.

It deleted and killed my entire audio program. I've reloaded new drivers (from Dell, then from IDT/Realtek, and even tried using a variety of other drivers), I've uninstalled and re-downloaded. I've cried and sacrificed babies. I've tried it all.

Fucker is DEAD. It shows the correct drivers being loaded, Device Mgr says it's working fine, audio is enabled in services, etc etc etc. It's just when you get down to it, the Volume Mixer gives you the down and dirty: No audio device installed.


I am NOT FUCKING HAPPY. This is NOT how a rollback works, guys.