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He's going to get people killed. (TW Trump)

I was listening to MPR on my way home, like I do every day (i listen both to and from work).

Tonight they’re carrying Trumpty-Dumpty’s rally in Rochester, MN.


I presume that it’s like his rallies in other cities, and it’s DISTURBING to listen to. He’s calling Dems Radicals, Criminals, and all sorts of other horrible, hostile things.


From what I heard tonight, he’s becoming more & more vituperative.

And I honestly worry that at least one of his followers (perhaps someone deep into the Q-anon crap) is going to go off the deep end into the fever-swamp and KILL SOMEONE, just because they’re a Democrat.


Possibly even *MANY* someones.

I know there are already many reasons to be worried about this administration.

But if we don’t start hearing Republicans denouncing this language pretty soon, and standing up to say it ISN’T okay to demonize the other political party, I seriously worry that people WILL be killed.


We saw what happened before, with Pizza-gate, and a couple of the other B.S. conspiracies Trumpty-dumpty, Hannity, and the other members of the kakistocracy have drummed up in the past.

I worry that if the blue wave actually happens, there will literally be blood as results come in & R seats turn D.

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