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They say in Hollywood you know you've really made it when the adult movie community starts parodying you. I mean, all those Oscars are one thing, but you know Tom Hanks is most honored by the existence of 'Forest Hump.'

So of course, Burt Reynolds, one of the biggest and best box office stars of all time had his porn doppleganger.

Sasha Gabor (SIDE NOTE: BEST NAME EVER) was a Norweigan-Hungarian actor who started out as a Burt Reynolds impersonator. He also impersonated another screen legend—James Bond heartthrob Sean Connery.

Adult film star Ron Jeremy, who ironically knew him before Gabor started making porn, shared how he got his start as a stand-in for Burt:

"He was a Burt Reynolds look-alike, he was hired for that. [Gabor] was doing that for a living, doing Burt Reynolds look-alikes. And he looked a lot like him. He would even be hired by some studios to do stand-in work for Burt Reynolds, as well.


Gabor didn't start making porn until much later in his career, starring in his first film at the age of 38. He made dozens of movies, sometimes working under then name "Kirk Reynolds" (LOL LOL LOL).

So how did Burt feel about the porn version of himself? According to Jeremy, he had one 'small' complaint:

"In fact, it's funny, when [Gabor] started doing porn, rumor has it that Burt knew about it and had said, 'If they're gonna get a guy to look like me in porn, can't he have a bigger penis?'"


And that has been your especially sexy Burt Reynolds Fact of The Day.