YOU. Yeah, you. Thank you. I have naught to offer but gifs and thanks for the kind words, the support, and the patience you’ve all shown me.

Things are going much better. Of course I’m still crying and grieving, but it’s getting a little easier. The ex has a car now, so I have our car now, the one I’ve been paying for and not driven very much.


I’ve slipped and stumbled a lot, giving him chances he definitely didn’t deserve. He and I went out for beer one night and on the way back home he asked if I’d drop him off downtown... to meet a girl.

It’s been difficult, but I think my attraction to him is starting to fade. I’m coming to realize that his rejection of me over the years is HIS deal, not mine, and his Madonna/whore syndrome is something he’ll have to overcome. Sometimes, it’s just really nice to know you’re not the fucked-up one.

I’ve decided to take as much time as I want and need, and to spoil myself while taking care of myself. If there’s a restaurant I want to go to, I’ll go alone. If there’s a movie I want to see, I’m taking myself. I’ve lost 6 lbs and the stress-acne on the back of my neck has subsided, so clearly the reduction in stress is doing me good. It sucks to have to go through, but I’m very lucky to have such an amazing, patient support system to help me.


Enough of the touchy-feely shit. Who has pooped today?