my girlfriend got the job in SJ, and she's leaving for California next week. She has a place to stay for the short-term, but obviously we need to lock down an apartment. If any of you have advice about housing in San Jose β€” neighborhoods to look at, areas to avoid β€” I'd love to hear it. As a point of reference, her new job is 4-5 miles north/northeast of the San Jose airport, and she'll have her car, so commuting isn't as much of an issue as affording rent. We are aiming for at least a 1-bedroom for $1500/month or less (hopefully that's not too unrealistic, but that's about where our budget is).

I'm sure some of her new coworkers can help with this stuff too, but at this point, we need all of the help we can get because we don't know San Jose at all. TIA.