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Just got done watching Jones vs Gustafsson. And hooooooly shit, even knowing the result didn't remove any of the drama.

  • Jones won the fight, definitely, but up until that spinning back elbow/knee combination at the end of round 4 he was getting absolutely schooled. It was a razor thin victory and I'm massively impressed how he pulled things back.
  • LOL @ his mumbly post fight speech. I don't think he's ever been hit in the face that much in his entire life.
  • Gustafsson's hands were outstanding. I had him written off before the fight, but to go out, bust up the face of a guy who's hardly been hit his entire career, and almost completely negate the wrestling of one of the most physically imposing fighters in the light heavyweight division AND show that he could take him down...wow. Just wow. I believe in Alexander Gustafsson.
  • And the sheer grit. Jones kicked him in the head, what, six or seven times in the fifth? That was sheer determination. Gus' body was being hella stubborn by refusing to accept that the brain was under vicious assault. I'm even more impressed Jones couldn't hold him down and rain down those hellbows in the 5th.

Best title fight I've ever seen, along with Silva vs Sonnen I, for sheer drama alone. Rematch, rematch, rematch.

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