I need your help.

I have recently chopped my hair, which has fixed my problem of the bottom 3 inches refusing to curl. I'm super excited at the prospect of letting it do it's own thing now. However, I have been flat ironing my hair into submission for the last decade and therefore have no idea what to do with/how to get the best out of my natural curl/wave.

My problem seems to mostly be lack of definition? It'll curl up nicely at first but then fall flat and just combine into a solid helmet of wave after half a day. Not my best look.

So what are your routines, what products do you use, what are your secrets that you've perfected over the years?

To give you an idea of what I'm working with, I have pretty thin/fine white girl hair, but a lot of it. It currently sits right at my collar bones, and it will frizz at the first sign of moisture in the air. I also have bangs, so I will be blow drying them, but a blow dryer on the rest my hair generally only makes it more frizzy.


Here's a curly guinea pig for your troubles!


ETA: YOU GUISE ARE INCREDIBLE. So much good advice in these comments. I love hearing about everyone's hair. It sounds like it's just gonna take lots of experimenting to figure out what my hair wants, and time to let it get un-trained from all the heat torture I've put it through. I'm gonna be writing so many notes and trying everything out!