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Embassies in Tripoli

Hey everybody, Rebel Wilson just got arrested in Libya! On second thought, maybe I spoke too soon. Turns out it's actually Yekaterina Ustyuzhaninova, a competitive powerlifter from Novosibirsk, Russia. She's accused of machine-gunning a Libyan Air Force officer to death and stabbing his mother, then writing "Death to rats" in blood on the wall, in English. Shades of Charles Manson, but her former trainer at least remembers her as "A good girl, sociable.”


Two theories, both unconfirmed, about motive are that she was married to the dead guy and it was a domestic dispute, or that she was motivated by extreme love and loyalty to the Guide, Muammar Gaddafi. The second one's a bit juicier, and the words "Gaddafi Groupie" have already found their way into headlines. In any case, here's a picture of her waving the green flag at a pro-regime rally.

The last part, which elevates this into a truly bizarre story worthy of your attention, is that it explains why the Russian embassy in Tripoli was stormed by an angry mob a couple days ago. Turns out, it was supposedly friends and relatives of the dead guy out for revenge. They evacuated everyone to Tunisia, it's a full-blown diplomatic incident, and the latest blow in the devolving security situation in Libya. All because of one Rebel Wilson doppleganger!

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