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Hey everybody! What are your feelings on BB cream?

Hey! Haven’t seen most of you in a while. I would like to talk to you about BB cream since I know very little!

I’m running out of my trusty Yves Rocher foundation and the line I used to have seems to have been discontinued. So I’m looking to replace it. I have a very oily and blemish-y T-zone while the rest of my face is very dry and flakey - and this makes finding something appropriate a hell-ish process. I’ve also noticed wearing foundation often results in more break outs, however my skin is a million different colors without one and I have pimples and stuff I like to play down.

From my research, BB cream is supposed to help with blemishes and provide coverage. Would it be a good choice for me? Mostly I want good coverage, but if it actually helps reduce blemishes (instead of exacerbate them) that would be heavenly.


Mostly I want to hear about your experiences with it and if you have any brand/line recommendations that would be great too. This type of product is not at all popular where I live so most people don’t know much about it and most blog posts/articles read more like advertorials. So I’d like to know from people who've actually used it.

Thank you :)

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