Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Hey everyone, did you know that people's Playstations aren't working?

Because I sure do!

Seriously, I get it. Yes it sucks. Yes our days off are precious(even if we're spending it goofing off which is more or less what we do every Saturday). Yes I'm sure you nerdly types can think of all sorts of reasons why a gigantic corporation like Sony shouldn't be vulnerable to this sort of thing and how this exposes a serious design flaw in the Playstation's need to alwayzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... Huh? Sorry, I dozed off there for a few hours.


Seriously, sometimes it's like I'm dating a thirteen year old.

(NOTE: I am not dating a thirteen year old)

I tell you, if I wasn't 3/4's of the way in the bag on Christmas punch and full of stuffing I'd be downright annoyed.

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