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Hey Everyone Guess WHAT!

We got the house we wanted! And were approved for Cooper! And I have a date for my elbow surgery, so even though I'm scared, that means it'll be over with and we can start trying to have beebees in a month! And even if we have to get out in 18 days and figure out how to budget and deal with subletters and what paints and stuff we want for this HUGE life change, I am miraculously not anxious or crying or freaked! It's a Christmas miracle!!!

Here's Cooper again. We meet him soon— I hope he doesn't hump things! Hopefully he will help me make friends in our new neighborhood and act as a scary thief deterrent! How do I get pet insurance? I don't know!!! But that's okay? (Who is this person?)


Also no work for me tomorrow and no school for Beau, so Hot Cider and Jack to help my throat! So many exclamation POINTS! OH! And Beau got me the new Ann Patchett, and tickets to hear her talk, and to go to a lecture by George Saunders. So many things at once. I hope you guys are all happy and warm and that all the strange unease I keep reading about being all over around here is going away!

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