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Hey everyone! I've finally rejoined the living!

At long last, I have finally transitioned to a outpatient clinic therapy job, in my preferred location. After 15 months of working 5 overnight shifts EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK.

...Sorry, still a bit salty about that.

I’m happy. More to the point, I’m not dangerously depressed. Night shifts were...really not good for me; like REALLY NOT GOOD.


I’m not sorry that I took the ER job; I needed a job, and it was good experience both career-wise and in teaching me what organization I should steer far clear of in the future. But I am so so happy that I got out when I did, because I was on the verge of complete collapse. And I do like the ER; some DAY, I might go back there.

So right now I’m back living with my parents, because a move downstate means I might never be able to afford rent! Without hoping for a recession, I wouldn’t say no to a dip in the housing market.

How’s everyone else doing?

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