So, I am currently applying for a position as a lecturer at a university in California. I have never been a teacher before, but it's part time, part of a larger pool of people, and I thought, "Hey, why not?!"

I've always wanted to work in Academia because I am a huge nerd, and my love for design is only matched by my love of research, but... I think I might be making myself look like a total idiot with this application and now it's submitted. AM I RUINED FOREVER?


Like, as a person who's not done with her MFA thesis yet, I wouldn't have even thought to apply except I now know two people in my program who are teaching despite definitely not being done. So, am I crazy to have applied? Have I ruined my chances for applying later?

And, tangentially, why are application websites SO FREAKING HORRIBLE? UGH GOT KICKED OFF THE SYSTEM THREE TIMES.