There's a relatively worthwhile little article by Jeff Macgregor over at about the problems the terrible intersection of sexual assault and Football that's been in the news so often of late and the general problem in the Football culture.…

Reporting more of these stories more honestly is a start. Holding authorities — and authority figures — to account is a beginning. But the vast majority of sexual assaults still go unreported. Because victims understand they'll be victimized again by the very system in which they seek justice. The recent scandal at the Naval Academy made that point all too graphically.

Blaming the victim, unsubtle slut-shaming masquerading as advice, is as American as apple pie. So this was a very big week for told-you-so paternalism and boilerplate schoolmarms. Ladies, stay away from jazz and liquor!

So, you know, worth a read. Just don't scroll down to the comments. The comments over at ESPN are basically the worst place ever.