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I just finished Black Sails and oh my god. First off, between Outlander, American Gods, and Black Sails, STARZ has been hitting it out of the park. It’s a pirate show, prequel to Treasure Island (remember Long John Silver?) produced by Michael Bay and it’s just phenomenal. Lots of stirring speeches and fuck the man mentalities. Several strong women (with strengths in many different areas) and 4 of the main every episode characters are LGBT. And without giving too much away, I can say that there are happy endings at the end– in fact, fans coined the phrase “Unbury your gays” just for it. Plus the cast, especially Toby Stephens (aka the son of Dame Maggie Smith), is incredible. It is violent and gory (there is an actual facts keelhauling), but it’s so worth it.

(While I’m on STARZ, you’ll want to watch American Gods too. A+ mythology bending)


Want less violence, more feel good? My go-to feel good movies right now are:

Miss Pettigrew Lives for the Day. Frances McDormand plays a homeless, down on her luck nanny whose quickthinking lands her an unusual position with a starlet and, eventually, her friendship. Not only does Amy Adams have a sweet, if emotionally fraught, romance with the adorable Lee Pace, but the middle-aged, plain looking Miss Pettigrew builds a meaningful romantic relationship as well. Again, I love strong smart women in my media.

Big Eden. A gay man comes back home to Montana to care for his grandfather. There’s a bit of a love triangle, but it’s an LGBT movie in which there’s no homophobia and in which the townspeople are all super accepting and not-so-secretly rooting for their happiness. (Quote: “I just want to make him happy.” “We want you to be happy too.”) It features a Native American love interest who is everyone that has ever been horribly awkward around their crush and it’s amazing.

I’m thinking about starting Brooklyn 9-1-1 because the gif sets and quotes always look and sound hilarious. Thoughts?


And of course, add your reccs!

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