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Hey GT, how ya been?

I have not been around much lately. Part keeping myself sane by limiting political news, part crazy busy at work, where I can browse Kinja but not comment. How you holding up?


The latest news from Chez DeMic is the new floor is going in on the 27th (thanks to the Great Toilet Catastrophe of ‘17), and kid DeMic’s dwarf frogs, Katheryn and Jay, have joined the froggy choir immortal. They are ex-frogs. it appears that they just don’t live that long, because they were fed and had a clean tank and didn’t appear to be sick or anything. RIP, tiny frogs.

Since we now had an empty 2.5 gallon tank, we of course went and got a fish. Such a small tank is only good for one fish, so we now have a blue female betta happily swimming around. I tried to sell the kiddo on a male, since they have the longer, prettier fins, but she insisted on a girl. #misandry

May I present Her Ladyship, Blueberry the fish!

Bonus- the very nice note kiddo put on the tank lid this morning. My kid is the best.

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